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What's Doggy Bag?

Reduce Leftover!

"Leftover" when eating out at restaurants.

While there is insufficient food in developing countries, developed countries, including Japan, have many leftovers and the number of foods that are being disposed of is now a problem on a global scale.

Let us think about healthy life without eating too much, and food problems together as we enjoy Doggie Bag Life!

Environment-friendly Doggy Bag

For dinner and lunch the next day; Suppressing food expenses by bringing back leftovers!

In addition, it is environmentally friendly! 


The word "Mottainai" is an expression peculiar to Japan, and it also represents respect for producers. Leaving food is a waste, isn't it?


Doggie bags also have a diet effect! Prevents eating too much. Let's take it home instead.

Basic principles of taking away

When eating out, consult with your stomach before ordering and try to order an appropriate amount.

But we order too much. There are cases where there is the unexpected amount and you cannot eat them.

In such a case, let 's ask the restaurant to take them home!

Take them as souvenirs for family or one of the next meal, you can eat deliciously until the end. Take-away at your own risk! !

However! Since you take them home, There are neither former nor children when food poisoning, do you?



Preventing bacterial growth is fundamental to prevent food poisoning.

Therefore, the basic principles of takeaway are

"Do not add bacteria" "Do not increase" "Sterilization".


According to the questionnaire conducted by the Doggie Bag Promotion Committee in December 2009 (N number = 322 · men and women in their teens through 70s at universities and restaurants across the country) answered, they know about doggy back People are 30%, and as a result of the same questionnaire we conducted in 2008 was 1% recognition, I think that recognition has expanded rapidly.

In the same questionnaire, "I agree with the takeaway of dishes I could not eat"
It is 90% who answered and there seem to be many people who agree to take home the leftovers of eating.

Meanwhile, the Mainichi Shinbun survey for food and beverage industry associations etc. conducted in November 2009 (answers from 13 out of 50 senders) answered that five groups do not need take-away "because of food poisoning. Eight groups answered "I need to take home," but said, "We need thorough hygiene control for implementation". In addition, 84.6% answered "not working" as to the proactive efforts to take home.

The results of the questionnaire by business type are as shown on the right.

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